What is TaholaCloud for Hospitality?

TaholaCloud is a SaaS based analytics solution that manages key business drivers, and provides insight and intelligence without the cost and complexity of traditional approaches to Business Analytics solutions. It enables multi-site operators to make faster and more informed decisions in a streamlined and cost effective way, enhancing the turnover and margin at site level.

TaholaCloud for Hospitality has pre-built dashboards that have been ‘designed by operators for operators’, combining multiple data sources to deliver insight and ROI in an intuitive and user friendly way.

TaholaCloud manages your key business drivers, and provides actionable insight enabling you to:

Increase food and drink sales
Improve food and drink margins
Manage staff performance
Reduce labour costs

TaholaCloud Pre-Built Dashboards for hospitality

TaholaCloud provides you with the ability to monitor and control your business on any device in any location, giving you the ability to track KPIs and drill down to transaction level detail, ensuring the information you need to do that, is at your fingertips and up to date any time of day or night.

As part of the standard application we have pre-built a wide range of dashboards, these have been developed in collaboration with operators, to ensure they are ready to go from the start of any implementation and truly fit for purpose.

TaholaCloud Hospitality Dashboards – to view the standard pre-built dashboards please click on the icons below…


Business Overview

Labour Data

Group Site Overview

Site Performance

Performance Factors

Group Product Overview

Product Performance






What if

Heat map

Basket analysis

TaholaCloud - Designed by Operators for Operators

Intelligent integration, at your fingertips

One, if not the most-costly part of any business intelligence project is the integration element. Gaining access to important data held in line of business solutions is of paramount importance and a common mistake made by organisations, is that they often oversimplify the complexity of what’s actually involved to gain access to the right data.

To simplify this process, Tahola has developed pre-built interfaces that link to many third-party data sources. We recognise the effectiveness of enhancing our own specialism, through integration, adding further value for the users, saving time and minimising the need for investment in costly bespoke integration work. We believe this makes us unique in the market because we are agnostic and not tied to a single supplier or solution.

Our integration library is constantly evolving and currently consists of many pre-built interfaces to a variety of Epos, Labour Scheduling, Table booking, customer feedback, menu and stock management, CRM & call systems, accommodation, weather data and many Social Media channels.

This really is where the magic happens, by bringing data from multiple sources you can see stories in your data that you never knew existed.

The power of TaholaCloud is enhanced by our vast integration network, no matter what format your data is in, Tahola and our data integration expertise will make your implementation process seamless.

We are working with a wide range of industry leading technology companies, data sources and digital functions to ensure greater clarity through collaboration to make your lives as operators easier, meaning you get actionable insight from all of your data sources. Any of which can be provided as additional modules as and when required, to further enhance the benefits that can be delivered from TaholaCloud.

Intelligent Integration
Intelligent Integration

TaholaCloud Integration Library

Coming Soon

TaholaCloud Benefits

Realtime access

Realtime access to your business critical information from one user interface

Rapid deployment

Rapid deployment and minimal training required

Highly Scalable

Highly scalable for quick and easy expansion as your business grows

Self service capability

Self service capability

Instant access to your data anytime, anywhere

Instant access to your data anytime, anywhere

One version of the truth

One version of the truth

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